First sight of the Switch touchscreen being used in the wild

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It does exist!


For a system that has been regarded from the beginning as a home console that can be played on the go, it is somewhat baffling that to this point, Nintendo has not talked about or even mentioned if touch is possible on the screen, aside from spec releases. The Nintendo Presentation came and went, and everyone had yet to see the touch portion utilized at all.

Now that has changed!

Robert from GamingwithMe posted a video in his YouTube channel where we actually get to see the Nintendo Switch touchscreen being used for the first time. Scroll to the 6:18 mark on the video to see Skylanders Imaginators and how some of the touch portion is implemented.

Perhaps Nintendo has neglected to show the touchscreen or this has been a ploy to specifically distance the system from its Wii U counterpart. Either way, we should expect at least one more Nintendo Direct which hopefully will focus on the touch, UI, apps, and online.


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