Nintendo Switch Pro Controller finally gets FCC Approval

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Preorders should be coming soon


UPDATE 3: Switch Pro Controller pre-orders sold out within 15 minutes of being available on Amazon. Trying to see when a new batch will be available, if at all before launch.

UPDATE 2: Pre-orders for Switch Pro Controller went up live today (01-25-2017) at around 12:45 PM EST.

UPDATE: Amazon currently has a placeholder go up on their site. It is not yet available but something to look towards.


The Nintendo Switch console and games were available for pre-order right after the Nintendo Switch Presentation over a week ago, but one of the components that was not made available was the Switch Pro Controller. No communication was provided by Nintendo on when the controller would come, and now we may know why.

A Redditor has found what seems to be the FCC fillings for the Switch Pro Controller and posted it for everyone to see.


What is interesting is that the document shows January 19, 2017, which implies that the Switch Pro Controller hadn’t been approved until a couple of days ago. Perhaps this is what has kept the Pro Controller from being available for pre-order in North America.

Nintendo has not commented on this, but we should be expecting to be available soon, if it is indeed to make it out before the Switch is release, in less than 40 days.

The entire document list from the FCC and the Switch Pro Controller can be found here.

– Sergio-

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