Rocket League on Switch makes too much sense not to happen

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Psyonix Interested in bringing it to Switch


If there is one game that absolutely needs to happen on the Nintendo Switch, it is Rocket League. Originally released for the PS4 and Steam back in 2015, Rocket League has already expanded to Xbox One, OS X, and Linux.

The game features two teams of up to four players in, where they drive rocket-powered car with the purpose of hitting a ball much larger than their vehicle towards the opposing teams’ goal to score points.


Since its release, the game has been both a critical and financial success. With sales data provided this month, Psyonix stated that Rocket League has tracked more than 25 million players, with an average of 1 million players a day, even reaching 220,000 concurrent players at one point.

For 2016, Rocket League was the most downloaded title on the PlayStation store.


A Psyonix Developer has even expressed interest in having Rocket League on the Switch:


Enter the Switch

Much has been made about the portability of the Nintendo Switch, but one of the biggest aspects of it is that up to eight players can play simultaneously, each with their own system, or up to four player split-screen on an individual console.

Theoretically, this means that fans of the game would be able to host LAN parties (via WiFi) and have 8 players at the same time with only two consoles. This is something that can be done with other consoles, but with the Switch, it could be done virtually anywhere.


The game also famously features cross-platform multiplayer, and this could afford Nintendo a healthy amount of online players starting on day 1. Sony has already voiced their displeasure of participating in cross-platform multiplayer with Microsoft, but a Rocket League game between Nintendo and Microsoft’s systems would be plausible.

It is especially important to note that previous Microsoft franchises like Zoo Tycoon, Viva Piñata, and most recently Minecraft have been found on Nintendo consoles and handhelds, making it possible for both Nintendo and Microsoft to once again work together on Rocket League and its cross-platform aspect.

What do you guys think? Should Nintendo reach out to Psyonix to make Rocket League possible on the Switch, and to Microsoft to feature cross-platform multiplayer? What other games would be perfect for the Switch?




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