Exclusive Nintendo Switch Accessories to be released by Key Factory in Japan

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More Reasons to Import


Famitsu published a story talking about Keys Factory, a Japanese company that specializes in video game accessories, is showcasing its new Nintendo Switch Accessories Product Launch Guide. Among the accessories you can find Screen Guards and Joy-Con covers. The accessories are currently scheduled to be released between March 3rd (the same day as the Switch launch) and early April. 


Screen Guard


The come in four different styles:

  • Blue Light cut + anti-fingerprint type: 1,080 yen (approximately $9.38 USD)
  • Anti-fouling cut type: 880 yen (approximately $7.64 USD)
  • Smooth touch + anti-fingerprint type: 980 yen (approximately $8.51 USD)
  • Structure + anti-fingerprint type/ no bubbles: 1,280 yen (approximately $11.12 USD)

Joy-Con Covers


These will come in two different styles:

  • Joy-Con Silicone Cover (black, pink, orange): 1,000 yen (approx. $8.69 USD)
  • Joy-Con Hard Cover (clear, pink, orange): 1,000 yen (approx. $8.69


Switch Cases


Two different styles:

  • Quick Pouch (black, pink, gray, orange): 1,500 yen (approx. $13.03 USD)
  • Hard Case (black): 2,100 yen (approx. $18.24 USD)


Front Cover


  • Front Cover (black, pink): 2,000 yen (approx. $17.37 USD)


Card Palette


  • Card Palette 6 (black, pink, clear, white): 580 yen (approx. $5.04 USD)
  • Card Palette 12 (black, pink, clear white): 800 yen (approx $6.95 USD)

It is not know if any of these accessories will be sold in North America, but should be able to be imported. It is also encouraging that Nintendo Switch is receiving all kinds of cosmetic assortments from all sorts of companies, something that was hardly seen with previous consoles.



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