Rumor: Up to 8 players can play Switch multiplayer with a single cartridge

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Download Play coming to Switch?


Esport German site was covering the possibilities of the Nintendo Switch when it comes to the eSport scene, and one section especially caught the eye of everyone. Listed as one of the advantages of Switch being a force on the eSport scene was it’s ability to have up to 8 players play from a single cartridge:


Although the ability to play multiplayer games with one single cartridge could potentially decrease the sales a specific game would receive, it is undeniable that this could lead to additional Switch units to be sold.

Specifically in my household, where we have already secured one unit and will be looking for at least two more for the family, being able to buy a single cartridge to play Splatoon 2, for example, could enable us to get even more games.


Download play works on the 3DS as long as players are connected to the same WiFi, and only works for co-op and multiplayer. The players would still need the cartridge to play the game on their own or to engage in the single-player experience.

It is unknown if Nintendo will indeed take advantage of this feature, but if the 3DS is anything to go by, they are willing to embrace it. This would be yet another feature which could separate the system from Sony and Microsoft in a very positive manner.

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