Three Things Left Out Of Super Mario Sunshine

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When you think about Mario interacting with Humans, you probably think about the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey. While Mario interacting with Humans is completely new for a 3D Mario game, its not the first time the concept has been tooled around with. Early versions of Super Mario Sunshine featured real humans that Mario could interact with.

Slim F.L.U.D.D


F.L.U.D.D certainly looks a lot slimmer and fragile in the early screenshots of the game. His design looks much less bulky and looks like he could break if Mario isn’t careful with him!

‘Useable’ Green Yoshi


While there are some glitches in the final game that can get you to see Green Yoshi, In Beta versions, whenever Yoshi got hungry he would always be colored green, instead of flicking colors in the final version. Meaning, yes you could ride GREEN YOSHI! There were some abandoned sprites as well, including Yoshi vomiting any water he may have swallowed.


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