Ubisoft once again teasing a Mario and Rabbids videogame?

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Or is it just a coincidence?

Late last year speculation ran rampant when it was believed that Ubisoft and Nintendo were teaming up to work together on a Mario and Rabbids game. Led by Laura Kate Dale, she believed through her sources this to be the case, and then people received their first hint through Ubisoft’s 30th anniversary video:


On the background you can see ‘Rabbidfied’ versions of both Mario and Luigi:


Then the Nintendo Switch Presentation came and went in January and no mention was made of the game, believing the leaks to have been wrong.

Well, let the speculation begin again!


Michael Ancel, creator of the Rayman franchise posted the picture on his Instagram page with the text:


This is clearly a hint towards both Mario and the Rabbids’ franchise. At this point, he is either toying with us, knowing full well about the leaks that came about last year, or Ubisoft could very well be getting ready to announce the game. What do you think?


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