Japanese survey shows people twice as willing to buy Switch over PSVR


Nintendo continues their momentum


Japanese research company Sirabee conducted a survey to find out the willingness of people to buy the Nintendo Switch. Of the 1,400, 20 to 40 people surveyed, 10.7% of them said they are willing to buy the Switch, which is twice as much as people who said they would be getting the PSVR.


Another reason for the low score on the PSVR could be the frustration that a lot of Japanese people are having with shortages and availability for the headset. The survey also showed that people who are routinely at work the most or who like to spend a lot of mobile games are among the most willing to get the system.

Source: 3Dmgame.com


3 comments on “Japanese survey shows people twice as willing to buy Switch over PSVR”

  1. I think that this is great for nintendo after the dismal sales of the wii u, but what will be the frustration level of these same customers after the switch launch when shortages and [limited] availability will most undoubtedly plague it as well

    1. This is very true. Whatever momentum they may have will be impacted negatively if people are unable to secure a Switch. Nintendo could see a similar response to how the Japanese are reacting to the PSVR shortage.

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