The Revenue For Nintendo In This Past Fiscal Quarter

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Nintendo held an investors meeting today and reported on their sales for the past quarter. Here is a full recap of their earnings:

Noticeable Earnings In BOLD

Financial Indicators

  • Operating Income: 26.315bn yen (approximately equivalent to US$231.5m at press time market rate of US$1 = 113.645 yen)
  • Net Income: 49.110 bn yen ($432m)
  • Related entity revenue (Pokémon Go): 16,781bn yen (US$147.7m) YTD, 4.781bn this quarter.

Hardware and Amiibo Sales:

  • 3DS hardware 3.73m for the quarter, 65.3m lifetime
  • Wii U 200,000 for the quarter, 13.56m lifetime total 
  • Amiibo sales: 6.5m figures/6.6m cards since April

Software Sales:

  • Units of 3DS software 27.55m for the quarter, 320m lifetime
  • Units of Wii U software: 4.18m for the quarter, 96.5m lifetime
  • Total software sales revenue 159,618b yn (US$1.403 billion), digital revenue 23.1bn yen year to date and 8.4bn yen for the quarter
  • Smart device and royalty revenue (incl. Super Mario Run) 10.683bn yen (US$93m) (5% of downloaders purchased the full game of SMR), around $53 million lifetime)

Game sales milestones:

  • Pokémon Sun and Moon sold 14.69m units between launch and December 31, already exceeding sales of Omega Ruby/Alpha Saphire (13.68m) and on track to pass X and Y (16.06m)
  • Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS sold 2.01m units in just under a month
  • Mario Kart 7 LTD has reached 14.82m units sold
  • Kirby Planet Robobot sold 1.32m worldwide

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