Snake Pass From Sumo Digital Coming To The Switch



Looks like Snake Pass is coming to the Switch!

Full press release below:

You’ve been asking and yes, we’ve been very coy about it… But today we are delighted to announce that Snake Pass is coming to the Nintendo Switch!


That’s right! Very soon Nintendo fans across the world will be challenged to ‘think like a snake’ by slithering, coiling and climbing across the once idyllic mountain of Haven Tor. Taking control of Noodle the Snake, accompanied by his hyperactive best buddy Doodle the Hummingbird, players will face snake-bending obstacles and perilous pitfalls in their quest to find and restore the Keystones that give Haven Tor its’ mythical power!

Whether you want to slither on the go in handheld mode, coil up in tabletop mode or climb into a comfy sofa and play in TV mode, Snake Pass on the Nintendo Switch is the perfect way to play, wherever you are!

That’s Sssuper!

Isn’t it just? Everyone on the team is a huge fan of all things created by Nintendo and the opportunity to bring Snake Pass to the Nintendo Switch is a dream come true. Especially for Snake Pass creator; Seb Liese:

“I always thought Snake Pass would be great fit for a Nintendo platform but I never dreamed it would come out so close to the launch of their brand-new console!”

Ssso When?

A very good question, but one we’re not ready to answer quite yet. What we can share is that we’re aiming for a first quarter release in 2017 – which is already incredibly close! All hands are on deck making sure that Snake Pass is the very best it can be when it launches and we’re all super excited for you to play it. Keep your eyes on for more details which will be coming… Sssoon.

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