Nintendo Switch trending on par with PlayStation 4

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Can we expect the same success?


Daniel Ahmad, analyst at Niko Partners, has posted on his Twitter account a comparison of the trends between the Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and the Wii U. It is very easy to see that the Wii U had the smaller demand, which resulted in selling only a little over 13 million consoles for its lifetime.

Something that is very interesting about the graphic is the comparison between the PS4 and Switch. Their peaks are nearly identical, and although this is just a comparison about how they trended through ‘Google Trends’, it signifies that Nintendo at least is hitting all the right buttons when it comes to the Nintendo Switch marketing.

With Nintendo confirming that they will have an ad running during the Super Bowl this coming Sunday, perhaps they will receive another boost.  Is this an indication that interest in the system is high and signaling that the system itself will be a success?

Source: Twitter


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