Should we worry about Nintendo’s silence on Virtual Console?


The Switch comes out in less than 4 weeks. After waiting for so many months to even hear the name of the console and to see what it looked like and the games it plays, we have almost reached the moment everyone has been waiting for. Launch is so very close and yet we still have so many unanswered questions. What are all the online features and will we see them all at launch? Will we have to have the Nintendo App to use voice chat? With so many more that fans wanna know. The question we will be discussing today is will the Virtual Console be at launch on the Switch and how much should we expect?

So, with less than four weeks and no official mention of Virtual Console from Nintendo at all (not including Reggie or interviews from other prominent members of Nintendo.) So that begs the question, are we even going to have Virtual Console games on the Switch? The answer is simple if you look at the Online service

If all of these features are going to be available at launch, (note: only Online gameplay is shown to be free until fall, not any of the other red bullet points) then shouldn’t we have Virtual Console at launch given the monthly game download is going to be a NES or SNES game with added online? But the main problem here is that we do not know if all of these are going to be available at launch. We know that the Online Lobby and Voice Chat from the app will not be available until summer, but does that mean we wont be able to use voice chat at all until summer? Nintendo really needs to answer these questions and answer them

This also brings up another factor, will only NES and SNES Virtual Console games be there at launch? Will the heavily rumored GameCube VC not be there at launch? No N64? Wii? Again, Nintendo really needs to have a short direct or something on the console before launch, or make an explanatory video uploaded to their social media’s. Whatever they do, I think it could hurt Nintendo to not have Virtual Console at launch and if they decide to not tell us about it, it could make people unaware that they are available in the Eshop. It is also slightly worrying if only NES and SNES games are there at launch. We may be looking at another scenario where it takes years to get a bunch of heavy hitters. It’s 2017 and even the Wii U doesent have a very large Virtual Console library.

Whatever happens, I hope Nintendo blows us away with Virtual Console. It would be extremely awesome to have games like Mario 64, and Sunshine on the Switch at or around launch for people to play while waiting for the big Mario game coming this holiday.

What do you guys think is going to happen? Do you think we will have VC at launch and if so, to what extent? Let me know in the comments!


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3 comments on “Should we worry about Nintendo’s silence on Virtual Console?”

  1. I hope and pray that they make virtual console a priority on launch and throughout the coming months. It is an easy way to have a solid game library until the Switch games trickle out in enough numbers to make it desirable beyond Breath of the Wild (and MarioKart 8 Deluxe at end of April). Having at least a couple dozen VC games at launch with 3 or more being Gamecube games would go a long way to sate my appetite for games until this fall when we will likely have many to choose from.

    If they do have only older games at launch and GC games not until summer or later (if ever) would be an issue for me and I assume many others. Sunshine and Smash Bros Melee (both rumored GC VC titles) would be a solid start and fill in those gaps until Odyssey and Streetfighter hit. But going forward there ware tons of games from the GC that would keep me playing my switch. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Rogue Leader, Eternal Darkness; F-Zero; Metroid Prime and more are all titles that I would shell out good money for at least 15 bucks a piece if not 20 in some cases).But we will see what Nintendo has in store and hope against hope that they get it right.

    1. I 100% agree. I strong and full VC launch lineup/launch window will help the Switch, given it doesent have a superb launch lineup. I hope we see 1-3 games from NES, SNES, N64, and Gamecube. GBA would also be nice. As long as Nintendo keeps the releases healthy 4-5 a week and they tie purchases to your Nintendo account. This is Nintendo’s big chance to have a full VC library. Neither Wii U or 3DS after many years have as many as they should, I hope the Switch changes that quickly

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