Calling all Fire Emblem Heroes Players!

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By now if you haven’t downloaded Fire Emblem Heroes on your smartphone, DO IT!

No, seriously.

Nintendo’s third foray into mobile games (Pokémon GO doesn’t count) seems to have hit the literal jackpot for the company. A free-to-play game,  Fire Emblem Heroes is a Gacha game, which rewards  you with various items by leveling up your characters and powering them to beat new stages and challenges. As this has proved rather lucrative as the game has been announced to have grossed over $2.9 million during its first 24 hours of being available.

The game itself has over 100 characters, and many more than that if you take into consideration the different combinations you can even have of with different attributes and star level. It should also be noted that although it is a smartphone game, Fire Emblem Heroes still embraces the turn-based, strategic nature of games past.

When compared to games that launched in 2016, Fire Emblem Heroes had the third-highest launch of all games, only behind both Pokémon GO and Super Mario Run:


And best of all, Nintendo is promising continued support for the game. In an article by IGN, Kouhei Maeda, Game Director for Fire Emblem Heroes and Director of Fire Emblem Fates for Nintendo 3DS, confirmed there will be recurring updates for the game every two weeks:


And this is where we can start seeing Nintendo’s effort for this game to have long legs. Nintendo published on their Twitter account a ‘Global Retweet Event‘ for Fire Emblem Heroes, which will award 10,000 Hero Feathers if that particular tweet received 10,000 global retweets:


With Super Mario Run still to launch on Android, Nintendo is crafting a new avenue for continued revenue, and keeping their investors happy. They are also making sure that regardless if you play at home, on the go, or on your phone, you are always exposed to a Nintendo franchise, and it is working.

Source: Kouhei Maeda interview with IGN

Source: App gross revenue and chart


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