Professional Videogame League created by Take-Two and the NBA

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The NBA and Take-Two Interactive today announced the creation of the ‘NBA 2K eLeague’, which will mark the first time that one of the major pro sports in the United States will sponsor eSports.

Adam Silver explained that this eLeague is not limited in scope like your regular eSport tournament, which takes placed in a specific location. This eLeague will span the entire regular season of the NBA and playoffs, and teams will have coaches, managers, and will be paid directly by the professional teams.


Although no specific teams have committed to the league yet, Silver expects at least half of them to do so during the first year of the eLeague, which is scheduled to start in 2018. Each NBA franchise will select and sponsor five gamers to represent their team. It will follow the same NBA format of an 82-game season, including playoffs, with the top two teams competing for a championship, possibly at an NBA arena.


No console has been specified for use when tryouts for the eLeague start, or if players from all systems will be able to participate. NBA 2K18 is scheduled to come out for the Nintendo Switch when the game launches this fall.

What team will you choose?

Source: NBA News

Source: Wall Street Journal Article


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