New ARMS videos show characters and weapons

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Get familiar with your new favorite game


Earlier today Nintendo of Japan released two videos for the upcoming ARMS videogame for the Nintendo Switch. The videos themselves are centered around meeting some of the characters of the game, as well as the different weapons that their arms can use.

The characters that are shown on the video are the ones that have been shown in one way or another. Video seems to be geared to those who are not familiar with the game:

The video shows:

  • Spring Man
  • Ribbon Girl
  • Ninjara
  • Master Mummy
  • Mechanica

The second video is dedicated to the many weapon combination, or arms, that you can use for gloves:

It was mentioned by Nintendo that more characters and stages will be available once the game releases. There is still no release date given for the game, although it is currently scheduled for Q2 2017.

Which characters will you be using?

Source: Nintendo of Japan YouTube page


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