Splatoon 2 Spectator Mode and 10 Player Wired LAN!!!

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Only thing missing now is nine other friends


Regular Twitter poster and news-breaker Dystify has posted information about Splatoon 2 and ‘Spectator Mode’:


Details emerged about Splatoon 2 being able to feature up to two people spectating a match, viewing the maps and weapons, or even able to follow each one of the players in the game:


Dystify also mentioned that Splatoon 2 is able to connect up to 10 players via wired LAN for local multiplayer, with two of those being the Spectators:


Nintendo continues to embrace the possibilities of Splatoon 2 being a big player at eSport tournaments. By allowing wired LAN, it opens the possibility of players able to organize their very own tournaments without being at the mercy of network carriers.

UPDATE: Splatoon Tumblr account has posted screens and information on Wired LAN and Spectator Mode.

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Source: Dystify Twitter Account

Source: Nintendo Official Channel

Source: Splatoon Tumblr Account

The only question now is how do we get nine other friends?


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