Nintendo release two new Switch trailers and 1-2-Switch is featured prominently

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It is almost here


As part of the continuing promotion of the Switch, Nintendo has released two new commercials to bolster awareness on its newest console. These commercials are currently available on Nintendo’s YouTube Channel, and should be airing sometime soon on a TV near you.

Play Together features Mario Kart 8 Deluxe four-player mode, 1-2-Switch Quick Draw, and Just Dance 2017:


1-2-Switch Party Trailer features everyone’s ‘To Be Judged’ later game played inside the livingroom, outdoors, and always in a party scene:

It is pretty obvious that Nintendo has a lot of confidence when it comes to 1-2-Switch, prominently featuring it on most of its commercials. It is a collection of 28 party games which by all means can end up being a very fun endeavor, but the jury is still out on how fun the game is, and especially on if it really justifies its $50 dollar price tag.


Nintendo Switch will be releasing on March 3rd and 1-2-Switch will be arriving that same day.

Source: Nintendo YouTube Channel



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