Rumor: Miis to make a return on the Nintendo Switch


Improved customization for the lovable avatars


It never really went away, but with news from Nintendo that Miiverse will not make its way to the Nintendo Switch, and with Nintendo distancing itself from the Wii brand, there were fears that Mii characters would not be adopted into Nintendo’s newest console.

If today’s leaks are to be believed, then Switch will be welcoming Miis along with additional customization for them.

Creating and Editing Mii:


Mii as part of your User Profile:


Mii characters have been a mainstay with Nintendo since the introduction of the Wii back in 2006, and although they have been simple in design, they are a lovable representation of our inner gaming-self.

Miitomo, which became Nintendo’s first smartphone application, allowed for a more extensive customization of Mii characters, which were also more detailed then ever before:


With characters now being able to be more detailed and have additional customizations on them, and with games like Miitomo and Tomodachi Life showing how much life those characters can have, it is great to hear that Nintendo has not discarded the Mii avatars, and could potentially be used in a big way on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Reddit

Source: Dystify Twitter





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