Rumor: New Nintendo Leak outlines specs and features for Switch console

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HUGE leaks on Nintendo Switch


I can’t say it enough, but Dystify has once again shared through his Twitter account, which he shared on NeoGAF, on a new leak from what seems to be one of the Nintendo Developers. The documents which are currently making their rounds all over the internet, reveal a ton of information regarding the Switch.

The authenticity of these documents cannot be established, but if they are fake, whoever made them has gone through great lengths to make them look the part. As always, take every rumor with a grain of salt, but it is a great read, regardless of it turns out to be fake or not.


This information was posted by Dystify on NeoGAF. Please subscribe to his Twitter account as he is always reliable on being among the first of providing leads and leaks:


The files can be found online. Dystify has made it easy for everyone to download the files or the images themselves independently through the following links:

  • NX Overview: Link
  • System Features Guide: Link
  • SDev Kit quick start: Link

Images from all documents:

Interesting information provided about how the accounts will work and other details, if it turns out to be true. Only three more weeks until the Nintendo Switch is out.

Source: Dystify Twitter Account

Source: Dystify NeoGAF Post

Source: Reddit


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