Skylanders not canceled, no new game in 2017

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Impulse buyers given a rest


For those people who have been playing Skylanders since its initial release in 2011, it has been a chore keeping up with the game. Since Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure made its way to consoles, the franchise has received an installment each year up until the release of Skylanders: Imaginators.

Initially, the franchise enjoyed great success, and part of it was attributed to its toy-to-life nature and the multitude of characters available. Playing the game was almost as fun as hunting for the characters to complete your collection, which can be illustrated by my son’s favorite YouTube show Skylanders Boy and Girl about hunting for Skylanders figures.


Then from 2011 to 2016 we had a new game come out, and with it new characters, items, and variants that needed to be collected by those of us who are impulse-collectors. The fun was swept away by the need to get every new iteration and the fun went away. It became a shore trying to keep up with every new game and character.

Which is why sales for Skylanders have been declining and earlier this year there were rumors that the Skylanders video game franchise had been canceled.

Luckily, Activition announced during their Financial Meeting that Skylanders will not be canceled, but instead, they will release new content for Skylanders: Imaginators. This is the same approach that games like LEGO Dimensions have done, and which could have probably prevented Disney Infinity to meet its ultimate fate.


With Skylanders Academy airing on Netflix and renewed for a third season, adding content to an established game is the best way to get other people to adopt it, because it is a harder sell to have to buy a newer game with an introductory price of anywhere from $59.99 to $99.99, when the game is available at a fraction of that price and there are still many figures to sell.

The collectors like myself can breathe easier since, at least for this year, I won’t have to fork additional money for a brand new game.

Source: Venture Beat


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