First FIFA 18 footage shown on Nintendo Switch Japanese commercial

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Do my eyes deceive me?


Nintendo Japan has released various commercials on their YouTube channel, and one of them feature what looks to be the first footage of FIFA 18 on the Switch. The commercial itself starts with Dragon Quest Heroes, but later moves on to FIFA 18.

It’s been sad already by EA that FIFA 18 won’t feature the Forstbite engine, but a “custom-built” one for Switch. What that means is anyone’s guess, but some people are afraid that it means it will be utilizing the old engine which was used for older game.

The footage itself is not too long, but what is seen from it looks enticing. The biggest selling point for the game is probably the portability and the ability to pit your FIFA Switch game against another player.

FIFA 17 came out in September, 2016, so it is probably that FIFA 18 won’t release until September as well. This will mark a release on all consoles simultaneously. Perhaps, with a healthy install base and the ability to take the game anywhere, it will sell enough units to justify an increase in support from EA on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo Japan YouTube Channel


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