Press Outlets receiving Switch Units, closer look at UI

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Nice and Slick


Dystify has shared information on his Twitter account as well as NeoGAF that press outlets are starting to receive their Switch Units, and have taken pictures of them. One of them gives us a closer look at the Switch’s UI.

Dystify has also uploaded on his YouTube channel a 3-minute video with the Switch’s loading screen and settings:

We will be using this page to collect the screenshots and pictures as they come, and also follow NeoGAF’s thread with more information. As always, follow Dystify on Twitter for up to the moment information on the Nintendo Switch.

Brian Altano Twitter Account:


Switch Box:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mii Creation:


IGN Posted screens on their Twitter Account:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

NinSwitchNews post on Twitter showing video of settings:

Source: Dystify Twitter Account

Source: NeoGAF

Source: Switch Box


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