Nintendo Switch: eShop Purchases won’t be tied to console

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No longer tied to console


Remember those days when you would Wii, Wii U, or 3DS would either stop working or was sold and your games lost with it, prompting you to call Nintendo Customer Service and hope that there was a way that you would be able to download them?

It has been ten years in the making, but purchases on the Nintendo Switch will no longer be tied to your console, and instead, will be tied to your Nintendo Account.

On the leak heard ’round the world yesterday, hiphoptherobot, a NeoGAF poster, was approached yesterday by to do a complete video of the unboxing. The video was uploaded online, and one of the details that emerged were of what the Nintendo Switch shows when initializing it:


Shown on the screen when you select to Initialize the Console:


With purchases no longer tied to your console and instead to your Nintendo Account, you do not have to worry about permanently losing your digital titles.

This does lead to a couple of questions. Can you include your account on multiple Switch consoles and have your purchases available on them? Could other people whose Nintendo Accounts are saved on the system have access to your games? With games possibly not being available on the eShop until launch day, these are questions that may not have answers at this moment.

Source: FloKO YouTube video


1 comments on “Nintendo Switch: eShop Purchases won’t be tied to console”

  1. It was already possible to do this with Wii-U and 3Ds. You could unlink through the console, or go online and fill out a support form, stating you no longer have the older console. The ask for the serial number of the console, but your NNID history has the serial number from when the account was linked, so all of the information is stored within NNID itself. They sometimes ask you to verify past purchases through email, but, once again, tied to your NNID.

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