German Publication ComputerBild taking Switch console apart

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So far no concrete details


Another unboxing video has surfaced, and this time it is from German publication ‘ComputerBild’. In it they do a full unboxing of the console, and state that they also plan to take it apart, but so far have only shown one image of the Switch console without its cover.


The legitimacy of the information in this article can not be verified due to us currently having to use Google Translate to understand the article, but in it they claim that the Nintendo Switch does have a chip based on the Tegra X2 chipset. It could be that this was  written as an opinion and have yet to confirm it, but at least we should have concrete details soon.

Much of the article repeats what we already know, but it is worth following to see if they do indeed post a video taking the Switch console completely apart and are able to verify which of the rumors turn out to be either true or false.


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