Nintendo confirms Switch unit was stolen from distributor; employee terminated

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The Ninjas know it all


And the story of the Switch console first used on the unboxing video and believed to have been shipped early finally comes to a conclusion. IGN has confirmed via an employee of Nintendo of America the validity of the story in regards to the stolen console.

From IGN:


As it turns out, this was an isolated incident, with various consoles being stolen by a group of employees. Out of those, one was sold illegally, which could probably be the one that alerted Nintendo in the first place. For now, we should stop looking at our online orders to see if they will also be shipped early and instead focus on being able to enjoy the system when it launches on March 3rd.

At least it is safe to know that the Switch console is safe and sound, and also that we should never underestimate the Nintendo Ninjas.

Source: IGN


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