Nintendo Switch used in Unboxing video “Probably Stolen”, returned to Nintendo

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Safe and Sound back with Nintendo


As if things couldn’t get any more odd before launch of the Nintendo Switch, Tom Phillips from Eurogamer has shed new light on his Twitter Account about the person who did the first ever unboxing of the Switch and how they obtained the unit.


From time to time companies make mistakes shipping items early, and this seemed like one of those cases, except that normally it happens a day or a couple beforehand. In this case it was a whole two weeks before the Nintendo Switch official launch of March 3rd.

How exactly was it that Nintendo was able to get in contact with the person and have their system returned can only be interpreted in our imagination (those Nintendo Ninjas!), but it seems that the long lost Switch unit is back safe and sound with their maker.

There is someone certainly happy with all of this, as Captain Nintendo Dude is still “officially” on track to be the first person in the U.S. to receive a Nintendo Switch unit from the Nintendo Store and Reggie Fils-Aime.

Story is still developing on NeoGAF thread.

Source: Twitter 


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