Devolver Digital to announce Nintendo Switch game at GDC

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The Game Developers Conference running from Feb. 28 through March 3rd is shaping out to be a coming out party for the Indy industry on the Nintendo Switch. Hotline Miami and Serious Sam developer Devolver Digital has once again pledged support for the Nintendo Switch, doubling-down on remarks made last year just after the Official Nintendo Switch trailer revealed the console.


Now, not only has Digital Devolver re-confirmed commitment for Nintendo’s newest console, but also revealed through their Twitter Account when exactly we can expect to see their first Switch game.


This will mark the first time Devolver Digital has worked on a Nintendo Console, previously supporting everything from PC to PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android, and Linux. Flagship titles Hotline Miami and Serious Sam are certainly possibilities for Switch, but it depends how Devolver Digital views Nintendo’s demographic, which could impact their debut game.

What games do you think Devolver Digital will be bringing to the Nintendo Switch?

Source: Devolver Digital Twitter Account


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