Splatoon Blasters with real-life ink shown at New York Toy Fair

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Get ready to Ink your friends….for real


Have you ever wanted to grab a Splattershot and aim it directly at between the eyes of your annoying gaming friend who likes to boast about how good he is? Now here’s your chance!

On an exclusive look by VideoGameHeat, Billy provides us with an inside look at the Toy Fair NY 2017 and a surprise that Nintendo has for us later on this year. With Splatoon 2 coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer, Nintendo and Jakks Pacific are preparing to give fans more ways to play the game outiside of the system.

The Ink guns will shoot real-life ink, which come in an assortment of different colors, with splat balls and smaller guns available.

The good news for parents is that regardless of the mess kids will make (and some of us adults as well), the ink is easy to clean and comes right off the different surfaces.

The suggested retail price for the Splattershot blaster is $29.99 with the smaller Quick Shot blaster at $14.99. Splatoon Splat Balls retail for $3.99 and are exclusive from Toys R Us. Ink Goggles will also be available for purchase. There is no official release date for the ink guns, but it could be anticipated to come out just in time for the Splatoon 2 launch on Nintendo Switch this summer.

Source: VideoGameHeat YouTube Channel


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