Super Mario Encyclopedia coming to North America and Europe this June

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Super Mario Encyclopedia released in Japan back in October 2015. Finally, North America and Europe are set to receive by our friends at Dark Horse, the people who brought us Hyrule Historia and the upcoming 3 Zelda books coming this year, one coming out next week; Art and Artifacts. The book seems to be releasing everywhere on June 15th!


This book was released to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Super Mario franchise. In this 256 page book, is filled with information on characters, items, enemies, stages, power-ups and more from all of the 17 main Super Mario games up until 3D World.

The book is already up for preorder in the UK , Germany, and France. In the US and Canada there is only a placeholder and preorders are not live yet. The links are listed below.

UK    Germany   France    USA    Canada

Do you plan on purchasing this book? let me know!


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