Teardown of Switch shows NVIDIA custom chip

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Everything points to custom NVIDIA Chip


As the launch of the Nintendo Switch continues to heat up, we are starting to get more and more information on what exactly is inside the console itself.

One of the most talked about components is the chipset, and today some images have surfaced showing us exactly what it is, and yet it continues to open more questions instead of providing answers.

When the Switch was first announced, people speculated on its possible components, and a heated topic of discussion was between Pascal and Maxwell. Depending what chip it had would directly impact not only the power of the console but its battery life.

This is a breakdown of the chip numbers:

  • Nintendo Switch chip: uDNX-02
  • Tegra K1: TD580D
  • Tegra X1: TM670D

Just going by the chipset, it does not give us a complete understanding of what exactly Switch has on it. Some people speculate that it is indeed Maxwell, while others say either Pascal or Parker, but what it is certain is that NVIDIA is using a custom chip, so the answer is not that simple.

As far as the battery goes, Dystify states that this is basically as big a size as Nintendo could get away with for the Switch, and that it includes 2 x 2GB RAM.


Here is the complete gallery:

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Source: Dystify Twitter Account



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