Nintendo User IDs now available to be claimed


Grab it while its hot!


UPDATE: This information comes from Facebook User Chas Vokey in regards to people who are not receiving a verifying email with the code: never receiving a verifying code email: “Had to go into settings on my Wii U and allow for Nintendo ID use on other devices. As soon as I did that, it worked perfectly.”


There have been various updates circulating around on Nintendo’s website getting everything ready for the Nintendo Switch launch, and one of them as reported by Polygon and shared on NeoGAF by user it519 is the Nintendo Account User ID, which is different from your Nintendo Network ID.

It you want to make sure that your favorite name is not taken before you get the Switch, log in to your profile and set it up.To access the page, go to Nintendo’s website  ( and log in to your Nintendo Profile. Once there, you will be able to access the ‘User ID’ portion on the page:

To make the changes on your smartphone, follow these steps:


  • Click on ‘User Info‘:


  • Select ‘User ID‘:


  • Enter your Password:


  • Enter User ID you want to use (minimum six characters):


  • You should receive a confirmation once User ID has been set:


  • Once you go back to your main profile page, you will now see the User ID displayed on your Nintendo Account information:


Hopefully this will be your chance to get one of those elusive names you’ve always wanted to but were always too late to do so. I myself am paying homage to my former Paladin character I used 15 years ago on my FFXI days.

Source: Polygon

Source: NeoGAF


3 comments on “Nintendo User IDs now available to be claimed”

    1. Yes, even if you have an ID setup, you need to do it again. The ones on the Wii U is the Nintendo Network ID, which is different from this Nintendo Account User ID.

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