FAST RMX supports HD Rumble; suggest balancing difficulty

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The F-Zero Alternative you Need


With its 1080p visuals and 60 fps, FAST RMX is a visual spectacle on the Nintendo Switch and a very serious alternative to the lack of an F-Zero game on the system.


Shin’en Multimedia today posted an update on Twitter for FAST RMX, the successor to Fast Racing Neo on the Wii U, stating that the game is ‘Coming Soon’. This is a far cry from the possibility of the game releasing just in time for the Nintendo Switch launch when Shin’en suggested they were waiting for specifics about Switch’s online, or coming out in March in general.

Shin’en did not offer any additional information on the release date, but did drop two pieces of information:

In regards to HD Rumble:


In regards to difficulty on Fast Racing Neo (Wii U):


It seems that a big sentiment when it comes to Fast Racing Neo players is the extreme difficulty of the Wii U title, so it is nice that Shin’en has taken that into consideration and worked on it for RMX.

If you are not yet familiar with FAST RMX, you owe it to yourself watch its amazing gameplay and visuals at full speed:

Source: Shin’en Twitter Account

Source: IGN YouTube Video


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