Aonuma’s Top 3 Zelda Games Revealed

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Gameinformer recently sat down with Zelda director Eiji Aonuma to talk Zelda, Switch, and more. One of the most interesting questions asked was which Zelda titles are his favorites, and in response he listed his top 3 games from the series.

3) Twilight Princess



(…) I wanted to create something better than Ocarina.

2) Ocarina of Time



(…) gave me the opportunity to create a 3D world

1) Phantom Hourglass



This is something my wife also likes, Phantom Hourglass. That’s number one. I was developing Twilight Princess, and the goal for that was to make something better than Ocarina. But then that game was something I proposed as a new style of gameplay, and I was a producer on that game for the first time, so I have a lot of sentiment for it.”

What do you think about Aonuma’s list?

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