Save Now on Nintendo eShop cards

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Get it while it lasts!



Special thanks to Sunny Lynn on Facebook who clarified that this order works for anything over $50, letting you save $8.62 on it.. Image contributed by Sunny Lynn:



To clarify the information on this article, the screenshots and prices are based off of U.S. prices, so the promotion may not be available on other countries or the conversion rate could be different.


Thanks to Facebook user Robert Selby for providing the following update:

“The ‘BIGTHANKS’ sale only lasts today! On top of that it can only be applied once! Be sure to make it count!”


Dystify has posted on his Twitter account about a current sale on Amazon for physical Nintendo eShop cards:


During checkout, make sure to enter BIGTHANKS under ‘Gift Cards & Promotional Codes’:


And you should see the confirmation on the discount:


It seems that the code will work with other types of Nintendo eShop cards and not just the $50 dollar one. It is not known how long this offer will last, so if you are looking to get a couple of games for Switch, this is a great way to get more discounts on them. It is also important to note that eShop cards should also work on Switch, as it has been confirmed that Nintendo will continue their eShop service on it.

Source: Dystify Twitter 


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