There are now over 111 games coming to Nintendo Switch

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And the list keeps growing…


When the Nintendo Switch Presentation came along back in January 13th, Nintendo released a chart showing the games that were currently scheduled to be coming to the system. That chart was met with a lot of criticism at the lack of support the system would be having.

Looking back at it, you can see that most of the skeptics were correct to jump into conclusions by seeing such a barren graphic:


Now, less than a month and a half from when the official image was released by Nintendo, and as acknowledged by Dystify on his Twitter account, the list has grown to over 111 games now confirmed to be coming out on Nintendo’s newest console:


To have so many games be confirmed in such a short amount of time bodes well to the prospects of growing support for Switch. It will be entertaining to continue to look at that list as it continues to expand and see if, like Dystify predicts, the number of games will double in a manner of months.

To support that, games like Troll and I, Celeste, and Battle Princess Madelyn were announced today to be coming to the Nintendo Switch, and those are yet to be featured on the list.

If you are interested in seeing the list grow, make sure to continue to check on this Reddit page being updated by AbsoluteMagnitute, who continues to add games are they are announced. Also, follow Dystify on Twitter to get breaking news on Nintendo Switch.

Source: Dystify Twitter

Source: Reddit






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