Built-in Editor to add text to your Nintendo Switch screenshots

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Special thanks to @Dystify (as always) for alerting us to another unknown feature of the Nintendo Switch.

On a YouTube video uploaded by Lucas M Thomas from Nintendo Force Magazine, they have confirmed that not only will you be able to take screenshots on your Nintendo Switch, but you will also be able to add text to them.

A virtual keyboard will appear on the screen allowing you to type the text on it, and you can also change the text size, rotate it, move it around the screen, and even change colors:


And post it to social media:


Sadly, it doesn’t seem like you can currently draw on the screen, especially considering the nature of the Switch console being like a tablet computer. It is possible that this could be available later on and would definitely explain Nintendo not including Miiverse on Switch, as some not-so-well-minded individuals could have taken advantage of this.

Nintendo Switch will be launching on March 3rd, so let us know what memes you have in mind for it.

Source: Dystify Twitter

Source: NF Magazine




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