Joy-Con experiencing connection issues with Switch

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Houston, we have a problem


As the embargo on Previews has been lifted and reports from different outlets start to trickle in, we start to get a clearer view on what Nintendo has in store for us with Switch.

And what is one of those surprises? Not a positive one it seems.

There are multiple reports that people are having connection issues with their Joy-Con. Kotaku reports that their left Joy-Con de-synchronizes in the middle of a game. Digital Chumps reports that they are specifically having connection issues with the left Joy-Con. And a third one states that they have two specific issues, one with their battery not charging all the way, even when connected to the dock, and also having input-lag issues with the Joy-Con when they are not connected to the Switch console.

Polygon also reported on this issue, stating that they had hardware problems with the controllers becoming un-synced.

Hopefully, these are isolated issues, but with the Preview embargo having been lifted today and Press outlets having these kind of issues out of the box, it is a bit concerning. Either way, the launch of the Switch won’t be for another eight days, so hopefully Nintendo can work on a Firmware update to correct this issue.

Source: Polygon

Source: NeoGAF

Source: Digital Chumps


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