Switch Will Let You Share Update Data To Other Systems In The Future

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Let’s say you are at the airport. You and your friend want to play a match of Splatoon 2 against each other. You both boot up your game, set the game up. When the time comes to link your Switches together and play, you get an error code! Your friend didn’t patch new content into the game last night before heading out to travel. You can’t download it either because airport Wi-Fi is a scam! Bummer! Fear not however, you can now help your friend download the patch needed to play together. That’s right, by linking two switches together, you can now share that new update data that your friend hasn’t download. All this done with out the need of an internet connection! Cool right?!

This will soon be the reality as a future update to the Switch will enable this option. No one will be left behind now!


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