Arcade Archives coming to Nintendo Switch

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Hamster listening to fans



In an interview with Famitsu and published by NintendoEverything, Satoshi Hamada from Hamster talked about the possibilities of Arcade Archives making it over to the Nintendo Switch, and how fan requests have indicated there is a big interest in it. Also, the Switch having a portable screen that can be rotated and displayed vertically would be appropriate for their Arcade Archive series.

As it turns out, the Nintendo website has been updated and it is now confirmed that it will be heading to the Nintendo Switch, although release information is still pending:



Hamster also talked about their collaboration with HORI on arcade sticks and accessories and other future possibilities:


It will be interesting to see if a new type of stand is created for the Nintendo Switch to hold the display vertically to display the games closer to their original format, and if the Joy-Con can still be attached to it on the bottom to simulate the arcade setup.

Head over to NintendoEverything to read the full article.

Source: NintendoEverything


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