VOEZ: First Switch game to be playable only on portable mode

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Not the 3DS successor you say?


Voez is a rhythm-based game consisting of over 100 songs and has been announced to be available at launch for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. It is welcome news that Switch is adding more games to their launch library, but this is not the biggest news when it comes to Voez.

This is the first Switch game that can only be played in one specific mode, portable. 

To put this in perspective, when Nintendo announced their Switch console, they did it just like that, as a console that can be taken on the go. In recent interviews and talks with investors, Nintendo re-emphasized that Switch is not the successor of the 3DS, stating that both of them will co-exist alongside each other for the foreseeable future.


So when you hear that Voez is a portable-only game and not playable on the dock, it opens the door for other games to follow suit. Which begs the question, what really is the Nintendo Switch?

When it comes to Voez, I completely understand why this is a portable-only game. It is a touch-based game in which you have to use the touchscreen to select the notes displayed on the screen, which would be impossible to do if the console is hidden inside the dock. It also helps developers, as they will not be forced to develop a game on both formats and deviate from their original vision.


An interesting point is brought up by PushDustin over Twitter, who shared the image about what is shown on the back of the Switch cases. Nintendo has gone out of their way to specify how many players can play in a specific format: Dock mode, Tabletop, and Portable. For games like Voez, it could very well show a ‘0’ under the Docked mode.

So it seems that Nintendo has been preparing for this all along, they just haven’t openly discussed it yet. But the problem is that for people that aren’t aware of it, this could muddle the message of what the Switch is, and could garner some negativity towards it.

Source: FlyHighWorks article

Source: NeoGAF



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