No Required Dungeon Order in Breath of the Wild!


In a interview from @NintendoFrance Twitter. Series Producer Eiji Aonuma has confirmed that there is no set order for completing the dungeons in the game. Full response below.



Question #9: The dungeons can be completed in any order, but is there a recommended order? Is there any sidequests?

Answer: During development, I had to beat the game 6 times, and every time, I completed the dungeons in a completely different order. There really isn’t any good piece of advice I could give you, because the game was designed in such a way that players can complete them in any order. But what I would really like is for players to explore the dungeons as they discover them [in the world], instead of trying to complete them in a specific order. That’s how the game was designed, and it’s more fun that way. And yes, there are tons of sidequests.

We already assumed this would be the case given the nature of the game, however it is a nice confirmation. We still have no concrete answer for how many dungeons are in the game, but we will have a definitive answer in the coming days.

Breath of the Wild and the Switch launch in less than 3 days! Will you be picking up the Switch? Zelda? Both? Let me know!


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