Switch Pro Controller works on PC without extra software

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Play PC with the comfort of Switch Pro



As people have been getting their Nintendo Switch consoles and accessories early, they have been able to test out the equipment in multiple ways. One of such ways was by attempting to connect the Switch Pro controller to PC. The story was originally broken by Dystify via Twitter, but it seems now is when everyone else has gotten around to confirm it.



For people that have a PC computer, the usual setup of keyboard and mouse can be bypassed by using a controller. Normally, you would have to purchase it separately (unless you already have one), but if you get a Switch Pro controller to use with your Nintendo Switch, you can also use it with your PC games.

The only thing you would need to do to connect your Switch Pro to your PC is to connect the USB-C cable from the controller itself to the computer, and will automatically sync it. There is no additional software required.

If you have PC games (my kids would use the Xbox One controller to play Roblox on PC), or if you have emulators (not supporting illegal ones!), then the Switch Pro controller could be your best alternative to playing those games.

Source: Dystify Twitter Account


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