FAST Rmx Digital Download only around 900 megabytes

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Impressive game in a compressed format


To sum this up, no one could have described this better than Link Slayer64 on NeoGAF:


The developers over at Shin’en are literal wizards. Not only is this game able to run at 1080p and 60 fps, but even during 4-player split-screen, the game maintains its 60fps and dynamic resolution. Fast Rmx also offers 8 player online, HD rumble support, all for the price of $20.

And want to add more to that irresistible value? How about packing the game with all of that and taking only 900 megabytes of space?

One of the negative aspects of the Nintendo Switch for some people is the limited amount of internal memory, which sits at 32 GB, minus the OS. But seeing games like Fast RMX being that small, it is understandable that it would be futile to compare a Switch internal space with the likes of Xbox One or PS4, considering a game like Gears of War 4 with all updates sits at over 100 GB.

Fast RMX will launch the same day as the Nintendo Switch, on March 3rd.

Source: Shin’en Twitter

Source: NeoGAF



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