Aonuma Expresses Interest In Using HD Rumble

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In an interview with GameInformer Aonuma expressed his interest in using HD Rumble in the Zelda. After being asked about HD Rumble integration Aonuma had to say this:

I definitely have always wanted to take the game you’re playing at home wherever you’re going. That’s something that definitely has come true with Switch. And as Japanese, we do play a lot of video games during commutes, so that was definitely, as Japanese, something I really wanted. I am really happy that it happened.

Force feedback is something I am keeping in the back of my head. I want the users to feel that immediate reaction and with HD rumble, we’re able to do that with a further in-depth experience. In Skyward Sword when you’re swinging your sword, whether you’re attacking a hard-shelled enemy and have a little bit of resistance, or cutting through something really easily, those kinds of differences in attacks, you will be able to create them with HD rumble. In the future it is something I would definitely like to visit.

Of course the 1-2-Switch dev team is part of our group, so there are other developers on our team that are thinking about it. As I am talking to you, I just thought about with HD Rumble, how about if you’re putting a sword back in its sheath, or taking it out? That little bit of movement can also be expressed with HD Rumble, so that could be kind of fun.

What do you think about Aonuma’s ideas for HD Rumble?

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