“If it’s on Steam, then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be on Nintendo Switch as well” – Nintendo’s Damon Baker

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GamesIndustry recently conducted an interview with Nintendo’s Damon Baker. In the statements given out by him, the most impactful one was on indie game support for the Switch, he said:  “If it’s on Steam, then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be on Nintendo Switch as well”.

That’s not all he said however, here is the full interview/statements given out by him about the Switch and Indie titles.

We have been working with indie developers and publishers for a really long time, back to the Wii days… I think with every console generation we’re always looking for new ways of showcasing the fun of that system and what’s awesome about the indie developers is that they’re willing to take risks. They create edgy content, they [offer] a really cool, unique perspective on how they utilize the technology of the system as well. What we’ve got here is we’ve identified a bunch of those developers that we think taps into what resonates really well with the Nintendo audience in particular and showcasing why that content fits so well on Nintendo Switch specifically.

The way we’re looking at Switch is this is a complementary platform. If it’s on Steam, then there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be on Nintendo Switch as well. If you want to take that experience on the go, if you want to have a baked in multiplayer experience, this is the system to do it. It’s got those points of differentiation, but we’re not trying to go head-to-head against any of the other platforms. We just think that if the content makes sense to be over on our platform then it should be on our platform.

We’re just trying to evangelize what that unique perspective is for Nintendo Switch and what unique opportunities are available for it, and also to continue to look forward. There’s a lot of fans, a lot of developers that have made content in the past and believe that it deserves to be on Nintendo Switch and maybe it will be eventually but we feel we have a responsibility to honor our fans and give them new and original experiences, and make sure they’re really excited every time they come to the Nintendo eShop to see what’s new.

We haven’t opened the floodgates yet. We are just really taking an approach with the launch window to make sure the content really resonates with fans. We’re not saying no to content that only uses the touchscreen or doesn’t use the Joy-Con in a unique way, but at the same time we’re trying to encourage those developers and have a conversation with them and say, ‘Look, fans are probably expecting these types of fun features and functionality in the game’ so maybe they should consider them and take a look at what it would take to implement that technology into the game if it makes sense for that type of experience.

We’re still encouraging self-publishing. Right now what we’re doing is we’re accepting pitches from all of our publisher and developer friends – anybody that’s interested in bringing content we encourage them to reach out to us so we can evaluate that. If they’re granted access into the developer portal and given the tools to develop on Nintendo Switch then they still have the opportunity to release whenever they want, they have the opportunity to price the content whatever they want. We just have that open dialogue with them and try and work on our release strategy so that we can get behind it with marketing and promotional support and make sure they aren’t going to get lost in the noise of everything else that’s going on.”


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