Nintendo Switch to use same Internet Browser as Wii U

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This is a good thing


On a news release published on their website, ACCESS has confirmed that their “NetFront” browser will indeed be used on the Nintendo Switch. This comes after criticism for the console and labeling it as ‘incomplete’ because it did not feature any apps or even a web browser at launch.

This is indeed good news as this is the same browser used on the Wii U, which will support all types of Web technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, Gamepad API, WebP, WebSocket, and HTTP Cache. NetFront made it easy for webpages like YouTube to be displayed properly and even play videos on the Wii U browser. It also afforded users the access to “other” types of content.

From Access’ website:


Nintendo has yet to unlock the full potential of the Nintendo Switch, and apps like the web browser, Netflix, and others are not available. No launch date for those apps has been specified, but with Access’ public release we hope that an announcement from Nintendo comes sonner rathern than later.

The full Press Release can be read on Access’ website.

Source: Access “NetFront Browser NX”


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