Fast RMX Review (Nintendo Switch)

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The True Game F-Zero Fans Have Been Longing For

The Nintendo Switch has now been available for a little over a week and that has given me plenty of time to test out Shin’en Multimedia’s Fast RMX, an exclusive to the Switch and a more expanded port from the similar Wii U version. An extremely quick paced, high-speed racer that has your eyes moving section to section to not miss the next speed boost.


For an especially low storage taking digital title, the visuals for this game are simply beautiful. All the details have been thoroughly realized in a truly fantastic looking game, while docked or handheld. Frame rate drops and visual issues were very minimal, making this game stand out from the others currently available on the eShop. The 60FPS do this game justice and even with multiple players racing at once, this game continued to perform to an extremely well standard for what it is. The native resolution tops out at 1080p, which is even better when compared to the Wii U version that was 720p. The weather effects this game offer add for an even better visual appeal, and I really enjoyed how colorful and appealing this game truly was.


Audio wise, there are truly minimal complaints to be made. It sounds just as you can expect, quick fast vehicles zooming past each other at magnificent speeds while weather sounds are triggered in the background. Obviously the game doesn’t sound as well while playing on handheld since it doesn’t output that same level of audio, but it still sounds really great while playing anywhere.


Fast RMX is the definition of an extremely quick paced, action packed racer. It plays extremely smooth at 1080p, and bugs weren’t noticeable during my play through. HD Rumble is an added bonus at it allows you to feel as if you were truly in the game, and it gives for an even better sense of realism. The suite of multiplayer options is really great, and gives us a glimpse of what could come from an official F-Zero game from Nintendo themselves. Playing this game with a single Joy Con per player feels great as well and works just as good as using both of the controllers together. The variety of play styles available for this game added to my enjoyment of it. Only down side I could see for this game is the amount of race tracks available to zoom through, but with a particularly challenging AI, replayabity is there. With minimal titles available at launch for the console and seeing as there won’t be any racing games coming to the console quite like this for a while, I would recommend any early adopters to speed into the eShop and download it. The price point for about $20 is especially fair for the amount of things to do, so don’t waste another second without this on your console.

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