DF: Comparing Switch Loading Times on different media

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Tom from Digital Foundry published a YouTube video where he did a loading test on the Nintendo Switch to find out which form of media is best when loading a game on it. Not surprisingly, the game being installed on the Internal Memory loaded the fastest, presumably because the save data is also saved internally, but there were some surprising findings.

Here are the times and the different formats tested by Digital Foundry:


Tom also gave additional pointers when it comes to saving games into the internal storage vs a MicroSD card, and transferring data between cards:

  • Once you insert SD Card, all game data and screenshots will save to it automatically, and will only save into the internal memory when SD card is full (or when you remove it)
  • If you want a single game to install on the internal memory when you have an SD Card, you have to remove the SD Card first from the system, install the game (so it installs to the internal memory) and then reinsert the SD Card into the system.
  • You can transfer between your two MicroSD cards using your PC
  • Doesn’t make a difference what type of SD Card you choose, so go for size instead of speed.

Thank you at the folks over at Digital Foundry for their continued efforts to give us the most detailed information when it comes to the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Digital Foundry YouTube


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