Switch Pointer controls shown with World of Goo

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Bring on Pikmin!


Daan Koopman, writer for GoNintendo and Nintendoforce, posted a video on his Twitter account of him interacting with the ‘World of Goo game using the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con pointer.

It is very remarkable how the pointer works without the need of an IR sensor. Even though Daan says that the response is not exactly 1:1, he was able to demonstrate how subtle moves like moving your wrist side by side while holding the Joy-Con respond well on the TV.

It is easy to imagine the multitude of games that had previously released on Wii and never made it to the Wii U, which could make their return, like Trauma Center. Also, with how well the IR pointer responds, games like Pikmin should be able to take full advantage of it.

Source: Daan Koopman Twitter


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