Shift DX Review (Nintendo 3DS)

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Shift DX is a puzzle game where you can flip the level upside down to solve the many puzzles in the game. I will not lie, it is fun. However I feel like ive played this style of game before and the other game did it better. Is this puzzle game worth your time? Let’s find out!



There is a number of things I did not like about this game. My largest complaint was the music, I just found it dull and even sometimes I didn’t even notice it was there. The music is not that big of problem because I found that when I was playing I didn’t even realize the music was playing because I was so focused in finding the solution.


 Like I said previously the game using the main gimmick of flipping the world upside down to get from the start to the end door. I found the controls a little confusing for the first few levels as I haven’t played my 3DS in awhile as well as you use the R and L button when I thought it would have been the A or B button so that took a little getting use to. Even though the game is good, it’s not great. I feel like another indie game that ive played in the past had a similar world flipping mechanic and did it much better. That game Being VVVVVV, also on the 3DS. I sometimes found levels rather boring or did not have a clear objective.



The graphics are basic and that’s okay, the game doesent have to be pretty, I didnt have any complaints about the graphics during my playtime.


I really don’t have to much to say about this game. I didn’t have any major glitches, I enjoyed my time in the game and the puzzles had a good difficulty curve, I never felt the want to stop playing just because I was stuck on a few puzzles. If you like fast paced, level based puzzle games I think you will enjoy the game.

I award Shift DX a 7.5/10 – Good.  It is worth your time, but only if you are a fan of the puzzle genre. It is also on the Nintendo eShop for $4.99. Go get this game! It is worth the price.


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